PA-Vendors Home – HOME PAGE is your online source for vendors and events in Pennsylvania where you will find Event Calendars for events in PA such as arts and crafts shows, vendor fairs, festivals, fairs, farm shows, trade shows, bridal shows, expos, antique shows, collector events, flea markets, farmers markets, community and town yard sales, and other events that include vendors. To help event planners find vendors and services for their events, we also have Business Directories listing vendors offering arts, crafts, gifts, direct sales merchandise, antiques, collectibles – plus event services – and much more.

You can find Pennsylvania events with vendors by location and/or by date. See our Indexes for:

Events in Pennsylvania – BY COUNTY:

Click to go to the PA County Index where we have links to each of the 67 PA County Indexes as well as a map of Pennsylvania showing its counties. We list events two ways on the County Indexes – by location (in alphabetical order by town or city where the event takes place and again by date for that county.

For your convenience, here are quick links to our PA County Events Indexes:

Events in Pennsylvania – BY MONTH:

Find events in Pennsylvania for each month of the year. Events for the entire state of Pennsylvania are listed in date order on our Monthly Indexes with links to individual event pages – a separate page for each event with details such as when, where, description, vendors needed information, event contact information and a link to the event’s Website when available.

Here are quick links to each of our Monthly Indexes:


Free Event Listings:

  • To submit a request for a free listing for a Pennsylvania event with vendors (new listing): click here.
  • To submit a request to REVISE (or delete) an existing event listing: click here.

Business Directories, Event Services, Vendors:

Our business directories are provided to help event planners find vendors and services for events such as food vendors, entertainment, and other relevant services. These directories are also a great place for direct sales representatives, artists, crafters, and other businesses to let others know about their products and services and if they are available for events. We have lots of business directories – so please see our Business Directory and Event Services Home Page for links to all the separate directories. Here are links to just the main categories:

For the complete list, see our Event Services and Business Directories Index.
To submit a free business listing – click here.

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